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A march to August…

A handful of friends, steaming cups of freshly brewed coffee and a rainy evening in March- a perfect setting for a couple of things, creative ideas and random conversations. Ideas as well as cups of coffee kept on brewing. Little did we realize that we were paving the way for something special, something that would change the very fabric of our existence. SKOPP had begun to take shape.

Like seeing our child take its first steps, we saw our ideas evolving into something substantial. We refined our thoughts and sharpened our skills. Our roles were defined and we had a plan in place. We believe that success of a business model has its roots in specific skills. But for these skills to metamorphose into success, a business requires an opportunity to showcase them. What we do reflects this very belief.

And the cavalry is still at it…

Conceived from passion, fueled by commitment and nurtured by hard work, we have worked long and hard towards our collective dream. We have now reached a point where we are putting our plans into practice with confidence in our skills and clarity in our vision. By August, the bunch of friends who were in the coffee shop were now drinking coffee inside a conference room. We have realized the dream of becoming business owners. We have a design to gain ground and to propel our clients to the very top and we are confident that our skills will get us there.

The end is never near…

We like to call ourselves “dreamers” and we understand that a dream without a plan is just a wish, but our dreams are different. They might seem wild, extravagant and chaotic but we find transcendence in the wilderness, beauty in extravagance and order in chaos. In short we have a plan and a solid one at that. We can predict our future because we are the ones who are going to create it and way forward, we hope to cater to the needs of as many businesses as we can. Through innovation and anticipation, we hope to empower and help in making lives easier, better. We hope to leave this world a better place than we found it.

What we do

There are these moments in the story of mankind when skills meet opportunities. This is how innovation works: when necessity becomes an opportunity to showcase skill and finesse. From the invention of fire and wheel till the dreaming up of immune engineering and quantum computing, we humans have had our fine moments in time. At SKOPP, we explore, innovate and invent ways to metamorphose your business into something more desirable in sync with the evolving trends in the business world. We facilitate opportunities to the skilled entrepreneurs out there to help them to realize their dreams and to grow beyond them.